I get a lot of messages asking what my top 10 favourite bands are, so here’s the list for everyone to see! ^-^

  1. The Ready Set
  2. We Are The In Crowd
  3. You Me At Six
  4. Tonight Alive
  6. Breathe Carolina
  7. Young Guns
  8. Blitz Kids
  9. Paradise Fears
  10. We The Kings
The Ready Set
Alan Ashby | Of Mice & Men
Josh Franceschi | You Me At Six
Jenna McDougall | Tonight Alive
David Schmitt | Breathe Carolina
Michael Bohn | Issues
Tay Jardine | We Are The In Crowd
The Ready Set
Review: Young Guns - I Want Out (Single)

Here’s my review of Young Guns’ new single, “I Want Out”. This is probably the best review I’ve written and I love seeing my progress with each review I publish. I’m not normally one to comment on my improvement in things, but I’ve noticed I hold a certain pride in my writing. I really hope some of you will give this a read.

Also, while you on the site, why not follow it? I’ve worked so hard on it and it’s now over a month old. ^-^


Taken from hopelessrecords’ Instagram

Crown The Empire - Machines

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